Tallahassee Christian Pre-Marital Counseling

There are so many things that come with marriage. Love, children, and family are just a few things that come with the union. Couples who are ready to marry do need something before they delve into this wondrous experience. Marriage is the next logical step in a strong and healthy relationship, but marriage is definitely not as easy as some couples make it seem.

As any seasoned married couple about how hard marriage is and they could give you a few horror stories. Bills could get out of hand, you could feel like you’re losing a connection to your spouse, and on top of that, the kids might just be a handful.

We recommend that you receive Christian pre-marital counseling before taking that leap into this life-long commitment that represents the relationship that Jesus has with the Church.

Marriage is a blessing and has numerous benefits, but we just want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you say “I do.” You may be from the Miami and want to move back once you get married. She may be from Tallahassee and wants to stay have you get married.

That is something that needs to be discussed if you don’t want to start your marriage off with issues. Maybe you two have different ways you want to discipline your children. Or maybe one of you wants to raise your children in a Methodist church, while the other wants to raise them in a Baptist church.

Little issues like this can fester and grow into something that could destroy a marriage in the long-term. Pre-marital counseling seeks to eliminate issues like this before they can even become a problem.

We do not want anything hindering you two from growing together spiritually and emotionally. The issues that marriage brings can rip a couple apart, but we want to build your marriage on a solid foundation that can withstand these assaults. If you’re looking for Christian pre-marital counseling in the Tallahassee area give Suzanne Cooke a call today at (850) 391-5767.

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